Welcome to the webpages for the Ryan-Mykhaylyk research group.

The group brings together researchers from diverse backgrounds with many interdisciplinary skills to understand the physical properties of many everyday polymers and associated products.

We have a wide range of interests covering sustainable polymer synthesis, analysis and characterisation of phase transition behaviour, the relationship between processing conditions, final morphology and properties and applications of polymers. All of our research is industry focused, and partnered with an industrial sponsor, with a desire to create new, sustainable technologies.

Much of our work focuses on understanding the structure and morphology of polymers in order to manipulate these parameters and improve the material properties. Collaboration with other departments, both within and outside the university, is also a key part of our research, and as such we have forged strong links with research groups across the country.

The group uses a number of experimental and advanced analytical and measurement techniques including reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerisation, small angle X-Ray scattering (SAXS), rheology and shear-induced polarised light imaging (SIPLI): a technique developed by our own group members.

Recent projects include the search for more renewable polyurethane foams, maximising the properties of commodity polymers through manipulation of processing conditions and improving personal and home care products.
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